Hang on, is Denzel Washington getting MORE gorgeous?

9 February 2012

I don’t know if you’ve seen the trailer for Safe House (2012), but it’s hard to concentrate on the details for thinking, this man is ridiculously beautiful. Then I indulged in several shameless Google searches only to realize he’s 57 years old. 57! and I look at him and have the same response as when I first saw him in Cry Freedom (1987) as Steven Biko. Mmmmm.

Did I say “the same response”? actually, I think the salt & pepper thing works as well for him as for Clooney. I.e., better now than before.

It puts me in mind of last spring’s French Open tennis tournament, when the camera cut over to the eminently beautiful Bjorn Borg and commentator John McEnroe quipped dryly, “It’s such a shame he hasn’t kept his looks.”

4 Responses to “Hang on, is Denzel Washington getting MORE gorgeous?”

  1. JSA Lowe Says:

    SO beautiful. And getting better. (Sneakily posting from fem theory class, frustrated by the discusion on bell hooks, whom I adore so much I want to, I don’t know, clean her bathtub for her–)

  2. Didion Says:

    There is nothing more frustrating than a feminist theory class gone awry. Thank god for thoughts of Denzel Washington at those moments. I’m not terrifically thrilled about the idea of Safe House (who gives a shit about Ryan Reynolds?), but hey, it’s February (“the truly cruelest month,” according to one of my best friends), and Denzel is just so pretty I want to lick him all over his body.

  3. JSA Lowe Says:

    Ha ha, totally. And at 2:11 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWzTOoOpFa8), with the glasses on? he’s like a super-hot version of Cornel West.

  4. Didion Says:

    And at 1:02, and 1:20, and 1:52, and 2:25…. Can you imagine Denzel as the advocate for Critical Race & Feminist Studies? Even the worst of all my male colleagues would be falling over themselves insisting they’d been feminists all along.

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