Gael_Garcia_BernalI really quite enjoyed Pablo Larraín’s film No, starring Gael García Bernal as a Chilean television guy who agrees to help mastermind and produce the TV campaign to urge Chileans to vote no in the referendum on the dictator Pinochet in 1988. Not least because it’s shot in 4:3 format, which means it looks just like a 1988 TV show. 

But if none of that content makes you excited to see it, then perhaps the prospect of two full hours of looking at García Bernal’s beautiful mouth is enough?

130121NoClip_7150796Maybe you have other contenders in mind, but it’s arguable that his mouth is in the World Top 5 of great movie star mouths right now. Or the World Top 5 in history. Indeed, stare at its many permutations and one has a hard time thinking of any thoughts at all, much less individuals with better mouths.

What was my point again?

Gael Garcia BernalAnyway, I’m in an airport right now and am thus inclined to flights of fantasy — because it’s better than listening to everyone else’s conversations and/or children. (Does the phrase “inside voice” even mean anything anymore?) All the more reason to dedicate my last pre-boarding moments to searching out additional ammunition for my position.

no-gael-garcc3ada-bernal1Okay, enough fangirling — back to the grim realities of airport culture in the new millennium. Kill me now.