Yup: I came back home with a cold. I hate having colds. I become some kind of Star Trek-worthy creature, my nose dripping and eyes watering and voice gravelly. Sometimes I hack. It’s disgusting and I feel quite sorry for myself. Set phasers to kill!

If there was ever an urgent need for one of Dr. Beverly Crusher’s wand-like medical fix-it thingamajigs, surely this is it.

Which begs a question — the only question, considering the situation: what movies make you feel better when you’re sick?

It seems to me that crying is out. I’ve got enough kleenex scattered around here. Also, I don’t think I want to watch anything in which people get leukemia and/or consumption and die a pathetic death, which seems far too likely a scenario without that medical fix-it thingamajig.

Funny, maybe? romantic, probably? something without too much complicated narrative?

Please. Send. Help.