Electra Woman Wednesday

1 August 2012

I am moving house, and there’s nothing much to say about it except I reckon this is the 6th big interstate household move I’ve made (and probably 6 more temporary/ year-long moves to take fellowships).

Honestly: I feel overwhelmed with gratitude because moving isn’t stressful anymore in the way other life events cause stress. But I do feel the need for distraction. Thus, the opening sequence for the 1976 show, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl!

I don’t remember this series at all; it was a 12-minute part of The Krofft Supershow and featured these Diedre Hall and Judy Strangis as magazine writers by day, caped crusaders in a crisis. And check out those Electra-Coms on their wrists.

I love the low budget costumes, the Wonder Woman ripoff, the way all their gadgets begin with “electra”: the Electra-Change, which allows our heroes to change clothes instantly (handy!); the Electra-Strobe, which speeds up their thoughts to 1000 times normal (handy again!); the Electra-Vibe, which “creates a localized sonic field that can shatter glass or disorient an opponent who is not equipped with earplugs”; and the Electra-Degravitate, which performs the obvious. There are many more.

Which reminds me to dream of the Electra-Transport, which moves your entire house instantly and without the use of boxes, movers, and packing tape. But in the meantime, it’s back to the boxes for me.

The Wonder Woman franchise has struggled, which makes no sense. They were supposed to re-boot it this fall with Adrianne Palicki (who played Tyra in Friday Night Lights), but the episodes couldn’t make it past the test audiences. Let me humbly suggest that you need to stop looking at skinny white chicks and cast Serena Williams in the role. (Why, isn’t she sort of auditioning already in her great US Open dresses, switching to the blue one for the semifinal rout against Caroline Wozniacki?) I, for one, would love to see Serena ‘fro her hair out a bit, exchange the sweatband for the crown, and kick the shit outta some red boots. But only if she could still keep to her tennis schedule.