All I needed to hear about this movie was that it was Michelle Yeoh’s second film and that she stars as a kick-ass Hong Kong police detective who teams up with American B-movie action star Cynthia Rothrock to take down the bad guys. Yes, Madam!

Things to love about this movie:

  1. Squeal-worthy slicked-back 1980s haircuts and brightly colored jumpsuits. Said jumpsuits should put the kibosh on 1980s fashion nostalgia once and for all.
  2. This film also goes by the titles Police Assassin, Police Assassin 2 (yes, you read that correctly!), In the Line of Duty 2, and Super Cops.
  3. Awesome martial arts sequences that also involve guns, knives, and parasols (yes, you read that correctly!).
  4. Excellent bad guy/corrupt businessman (?) with, yes, an evil laugh — he’s not afraid to laugh evilly in every single scene.
  5. Incomprehensible and needlessly convoluted storyline about a bit of microfilm.

Things to regret:

  1. Not nearly enough Yeoh/Rothrock face time.
  2. Long boring sequences of incompetent men being comic relief.
  3. Not nearly enough Yeoh/Rothrock face time.
  4. Weirdly abrupt ending.
  5. Not nearly enough Yeoh/Rothrock face time.

So yeah, this isn’t going to be one of those films you finish up and say to yourself, “If only there had been a Yes, Madam! sequel!” But if you’re wandering around on Netflix thinking to yourself, “If only I could find a kick-ass duo of women doing great martial arts stunts!” you may want to put it on your queue. After all, one can’t really get enough Michelle Yeoh.