Give Klea Scott more work

5 December 2011

When you first see her in the Canadian TV series Intelligence (2005-07), you see her through someone else’s eyes, and he hates her. Klea Scott plays the steely, ambitious head (pictured here) of an federal intelligence unit in Vancouver.

The gender politics of the office are fascinating to watch, particularly during the show’s first season, when the writers permitted a high degree of subtlety to infuse the intra-office battles. The show — like all other shows, it seems — was weighted heavily toward its male characters, Scott only got about one-third of the most major face time, at best. No other woman on the show was permitted character development like she was (although I’d also like to put in a plug for Ona Grauer, whose portrayal of a high-rent Russian madame running a stable of Slavic prostitutes; I’d watch Grauer in anything, too).

Scott is riveting to watch with her low, soft voice, those unusually wide-set eyes, and crazy long jaw — and with that hair that looks like it’s in a snood, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s tailor-made for 19th-century period dramas; actually, I’d love to see her go for a Wide Sargasso Sea kind of role. If the TV show didn’t allow her to display a lot of emotional range, her unusual, era-bending looks made her role in Intelligence all the more unexpected. All I can say is, let’s give this woman more work and see what else she can master.