Headlines I have loved

26 October 2012

I don’t know about you, but I like to scan the sites Jezebel and Gawker just for the headlines. They’re so reliable for snark and sarcasm; if one can take the occasionally obnoxious self-congratulation, they remain a good way to add a dose of vinegar to your reading diet. To wit:

For the Love of God, Will We Ever Stop Asking if Men and Women Can “Just Be Friends”?

Court Rules That Lap Dances Aren’t Dramatic and Artistic Enough for Tax Exemption

But my favorites are the headlines pertaining to politics, especially gender politics:

New Site Tracks How Many Days Have Passed Since a Republican Said Something Shitty About Rape

Poll: What Kind of Self-Tanner Do You Think Mitt Romney Uses?

“We’re Not Stupid” Says Stupid Lady Endorsing Romney as “Feminist”

Don’t get me wrong; I seldom read the actual stories unless the headline manages to leave something vague. This is headline writing in the vein of the brilliant The Onion: all is conveyed in a succinct sentence fragment. (Their latest: Hot New App from the GOP Modernizes Minority Voter Suppression.)

So here’s my real question: do headlines like this — clearly intended to represent the viewpoint of comparatively young, feminist, anti-racist and pro-gay readers — have the capacity to be game-changers in fostering a broader pro-feminist perspective when it comes to politics?