… I have an all-you-can-watch pass for the French Film Festival and a spunky new haircut — or, rather, nouvelle coupe de cheveux — mais bien sûr! Just in time to hobnob with the stars and filmmakers.

(If only it looked like Jean Seberg’s in Breathless; but then I’d spend a lot more on serious eyeliner than I do now, and I’d have to start smoking to look this cool, and I’d have to deal with that problematic Jean-Paul Belmondo character… well, it’s not going to happen.)

What this means is that I’m gobbling up film this weekend in addition to trying to finish an article and grading and reading grant applications and messing around with the new ‘do to see what I can do with it, so I don’t have a lot of time for writing here. More soon, je promets!