Some terse capsule reviews:

Moneyball. Middle-aged white guy figures out how to make a better baseball team with no money and, in the process, discovers his inner nobility. Token female: his daughter, who sings a nice song to him.

Win Win. Middle-aged white guy and his (similar) friends place all their hopes for the future on the shoulders of a 15-yr-old high school wrestling prodigy. In the process he discovers his inner menschdom. Token female: sassy, utterly one-dimensional wife (played by the radically under-used Amy Ryan).

Attack the Block. (Fooled you re: race!) Working-class gang of black kids discover their inner heroism by fighting aliens who’ve taken over their housing estate. Token female: kindly white nurse lady who sews them up.

…and that’s just what I’ve seen in the last week. Could I be any more bored? And these are — by any measure — good films. Directors as good as Bennett Miller, Joe Cornish, and Tom McCarthy can probably be bothered to mix it up on the tedium/dudeliness scale if the rest of us emit very loud yawns at them. One, two, three: YAWN.