Actually, right now there’s only one thing on the list: The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. And it’s not just because they serve food and beer during the movies. It’s because they have such a strict no talking AND no texting policy. The theater has even been known to apologize in cases where a loud talker was not ejected from a theater. Before every film they screen a NO TALKING public service announcement, like this classic featuring the badass TX politician Ann Richards (with that badass head of hair):

Well, the latest NO TALKING p.s.a. is terrific too — and it’s so striking that it’s now featured on the Guardian‘s news website, of all places.

Okay, perhaps I tend toward the fascistic when it comes to no talking in theaters. But lemme tell ya, it’s so great to watch a movie without being distracted by the glow of little screens all over the room…much less the sound of some jackass chatting about what s/he’s watching.