It’s the time of year for evangelizing “North and South” (2004)

23 May 2014

cotton-snowflakes-north-and-southThat’s right, bitchez — period drama-palooza.

The ladies are coming over tomorrow for the conflict of social and economic mores that is North and South, and I’m planning to win over new converts. This has happened before.

North-and-South-north-and-south-32024170-1920-1080I find it helps to offer cocktails, spicy food, and some kind of creamy and fruity dessert.

(Because it is four hours long.)

north-and-south-endingSo by the time the ending arrives, and fortunes have shifted, and new reconciliations made, we’ll all be full and happy and less inclined to think that the moody Thornton will likely make a difficult husband for Margaret, and that the stern and judgmental Margaret will closely resemble her mother-in-law.

We’ll just focus on that kiss. Ahh. Summer is here.

23 Responses to “It’s the time of year for evangelizing “North and South” (2004)”

  1. Becky Says:

    I wish I could be there so badly! I watched this at your urging from a post you did about it. I could watch it over and over. I think it is a perfect ensemble and period piece. Have a wonderful time. I may just have to have my own marathon here in front of my laptop with snacks and drinks. Preach on, sister!

  2. Servetus Says:

    Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    In springtime, a professor’s thoughts turn lightly to thoughts of Thornton.

  3. Servetus Says:

    North and South II: In Therapy. Gabriel Byrne can be the therapist.

  4. trudystattle Says:

    Fantastic! You go, girl! There’s still too many women who have not seen this film. It’s tragic to contemplate. Lol.
    What – you haven’t seen the best screen kiss EVER?!? That should entice a few to pay attention to the first three hours and fifty minutes…..

  5. trudystattle Says:

    In regard to the Netflix conundrum: it’s ok for beginners, but they need to know it’s not complete!
    And Amazon Instant is the same. The vast majority of people discovering N&S (what other way is there beyond personal evangelizing, since Masterpiece dropped the ball a decade ago?) are not seeing the whole production!
    My favorite trolling hobby is to drop in at ole Amazon-geddon to let sputteringly-giddy newbies know that:
    1. There is a fuller version out there.
    2. There will be no ‘Season 2’
    Sigh. Someone has to do it.

    • Servetus Says:

      we’ll give the title of Apostle to the Amazonians. Your iconography will involve a beautiful edition of North & South and a period dress. Generations will call you blessed.

  6. I’m visiting a friend out of town (well, house-sitting for her, then we’ll get to spend some time together before I have to go home when she gets back from Russia,) and I maaaaaaaaay have brought North and South with me with the intent of forcing her to fall in love with Richard Armitage so I have backup within my social circle.


    • Didion Says:

      Oh, heavens yes. I mean, how else can you have a friend in those emergency period-drama watching moments of your life? It’s like having a first-aid kit handy. Or knowing how to make a fire when lost in the woods.

    • Servetus Says:

      yes, it’s important to have people who will nod importantly and knowingly at your side when you mention what an amazing actor Armitage is.

  7. Becky Says:

    OK, I had no idea that the Netflix version was edited. I have been cheated out of some footage?! Unacceptable. So, if I buy the DVD, I will get the full, unedited version? If so, I will be purchasing it today. By the way, I really enjoyed the above exchanges. Who knew that this post would be so inspiring?

    • trudystattle Says:

      Yes, it’s a crying shame. I’m not sure why these sources have edited versions. It’ll be like Christmas and your birthday combined to see the parts you’ve never seen! Mind you, most things are little snippets here and there – but who’d want to miss a moment of Thornton?!?

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