No scurvy here in the land of snow and ice.

13 February 2014

Between the guacamole and the lemony cocktails, we’re doing just fine. How are you?

Also, I’m proud to announce a new triumph in the grilled cheese sandwich: roasted jalepeños. I also used a little cream cheese, an excellent strong/aged cheddar, minced scallions, and a few pickled jalepeños to give it a little dose of something pickled. Chiles in my area are not very spicy at this time of year, and I removed the skins & seeds after roasting them, but there remained just enough of a burn in the sandwich to make them delicious with a bowl of tomato soup.

Stay warm and dry, friends. Best of luck finding a good film for this cold, wintery night — I’m thinking about watching Jane Campion’s classic An Angel at My Table. And then maybe tomorrow I’ll start grading that sad pile of papers I received from my students before the storm started.


3 Responses to “No scurvy here in the land of snow and ice.”

  1. Servetus Says:

    I had grilled cheese for dinner, too 🙂

  2. Hattie Says:

    My favorite kind of quick and delicious food is something like that.

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