So apparently I have a type.

26 January 2014

Barbara-ANDRE-Courtesy-of-Adopt-FilmsThis is Ronald Zehrfeld from the film Barbara (2012) as André, a doctor in the rural East German hospital where the titular character (Nina Hoss) is banished by the Stasi in 1980. The film is pretty good — it follows Barbara’s own questioning as she wonders whether to try to escape to the West to live with her longtime lover.

André turns out to be a far more complex and compelling figure than she initially believes, even if he has reconciled himself to rural life in a primitive hospital. It takes her an inordinately long time to see in him a possible love interest. (Which is ridiculous. Look at him! Especially in contrast with the Stasi guy!)

B7My friends will be amused to see the resemblance between Zehrfeld and my partner. Not least in his pleasurable scruffiness and kindly eyes.

nina-hoss-barbara-film-540x304So on a day when the slightly warmer temperatures are starting to melt the ice on our front steps, I forego the rigors of writing a proper post by noting my new film crush — even though I acknowledge I like him so much due to the resemblances. I promise, an actual post soon.


5 Responses to “So apparently I have a type.”

  1. Servetus Says:

    Wow, yeah, like two sentences before you wrote it, I thought, boy does he ever look like [your partner]. Never heard of him but this sounds like a promising film.

    • Didion Says:

      Besides my lovely partner, I kept thinking of you as I watched the film — knowing that you, too, enjoy the scruffy men with kindly eyes. Or, at least, when you’re not enjoying them tall, clean-cut, and looking fierce.

      Must find out more about Zehrfeld.

  2. Servetus Says:


    Born in East Germany. Parents worked for Interflug. Trained as state-sponsored athlete (judo) until 1989. Studied German lit and politics, wandered the world, came back and did a theater workshop and studied at one of the big Berlin theater academies (Ernst Busch). Worked with Peter Zadek at two of the more famous theaters in Berlin and also at one of the big theaters in Hamburg. Success on TV in a prizewinning crime drama series. Father of a daughter and lives in Prenzlauer Berg (one of the trendy areas of former East Berlin).

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