The original spray-on tan

14 October 2013

awesome-black-and-white-historic-photos-16I’m still grading papers, which means I give myself rewards of a tour around the internet every 5 papers or so. And look what I found here: a bunch of great photos, including this promotional shot from 1949 of a suntan spray machine.

Don’t you love it that it looks so much like a gas station pump?

Okay, back to the struggle…

4 Responses to “The original spray-on tan”

  1. Becky Says:

    And how did you arrive at this?! I am really curious about what you googled!

    • Didion Says:

      I didn’t Google at all … Just stumbled across one of those interesting “50 Great Photos” kinds of posts. The kinds of things you find with the help of my RSS feed and Facebook!

  2. Hattie Says:

    I love the looks and the fashions of that era. Even in a silly picture like that the model looks so smart and with it.

    • Didion Says:

      Too right, Hattie. I watched a bit of an old movie last night from 1946 and the fashion was just spectacular — so innovative. And the men’s suits!

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