Thank you, Nobel Prize in Literature

10 October 2013

… for saving me the agony of writing a diatribe about how these big awards (and the cash associated) go disproportionately to men.

Alice-Munro-005Yay, Alice Munro!

10 Responses to “Thank you, Nobel Prize in Literature”

  1. Servetus Says:


  2. fitzg Says:

    Delighted to see Alice Munro as the literature Nobel winner in 2013.

  3. Frances Clarke Says:

    just the 13th woman to win the Nobel since 1901. i think a diatribe is still in order…

  4. movie Says:

    Hi, Didion! I came to your excellent blog through Servetus. I’m so happy for this, even if it means that my beloved Atwood will have to wait. I was wandering if anyone has thanked David Gilmour yet….Cheers, Movie.

  5. movie Says:

    Obviously “wondering”…

  6. Hattie Says:

    I was delighted when Doris Lessing won the Nobel Prize. She suffered years of being critiqued as a “primitive.”
    Munro is not really to my taste, but I am glad she won the prize.

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