Dear professional colleague, I will not FaceTime with you at 7:30am.

4 October 2013

I mean really. Is this some kind of test? I even dislike texting, with its nagging insistence that I look at it immediately. Do you think I’m going to put my uncombed, coffee-slugging head in front of a camera phone at the drop of a hat?

I can’t believe I’m saying this — considering how much time I spend answering email — but at least I can happily ignore it during my morning work hours without it pinging at me via the iPhone.

5 Responses to “Dear professional colleague, I will not FaceTime with you at 7:30am.”

  1. Becky Says:

    I know! All this technology has given people the ability to be so intrusive. I don’t want to do face time with loved ones at that time of the morning. I do not text unless I must. No one’s every thought is worth knowing, even mine.

    • Didion Says:

      Too right. I’m unwilling to put the phone entirely on sleep mode because, you know, there are some important things that can come through. But honestly, FaceTime at 7:30am? with someone I like very much, but who is hardly a BFF type? No!

  2. Servetus Says:

    Uch. Phone calls by another name suck just as much. :

  3. Hattie Says:

    I never, ever do facetime on the Internet. No, I say. At any hour. Not with my family, not with my friends. And I would absolutely go on strike about it in a work situation, too.
    I don’t have “smart” phone either. People are gradually going nuts from the distraction. Everywhere I look, I see people pecking away at these things. It looks ridiculous.
    It’s all pretty Freudian, you know?

  4. Poppa Zao Says:

    Amen. I stay with a desktop computer, and use a cellular phone sparingly. A few years back I saw a kid constantly moving his thumbs across a device. I thought he was playing a video game but he was texting. Incidentally, webcams can be hacked to spy on their owners.

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