Creepy October reads: Marisha Pessl’s Night Film

1 October 2013


It’s October, folks, which means it’s time for a brief visit to horror. Or, because I don’t read horror, a high-quality novel that just happens to be creepy.

This is the creepiest noir occult novel I’ve ever read, and its background — which features a reclusive horror film director with a crazed cult following — makes it all the more pleasurable for me as a reader. Pessl writes like a house on fire, and its occasional graphic novel-y insertions of webpages, emails, scribbled notes, reports, letters, etc. have me poring over every word, savoring the creepy anticipation.

It’s the kind of thing you start up on a Sunday evening and can’t put down till 4am.

It’s the kind of novel with rich descriptions of memorably creepy scenes — like when the motley collection of investigative journalists arrives at a ramshackle house somewhere in upstate New York, only to find a creepy doll drowning in a neglected above-ground swimming pool.

Thus, rather than spend any time whatsoever thinking about a Halloween costume or planning a horror film fest, I’m just going to sneak in as many hours as possible devouring this crazy good novel. Why hello, Marisha Pessl, my new creepy awesome friend.


2 Responses to “Creepy October reads: Marisha Pessl’s Night Film”

  1. asteraurora Says:

    Sounds excellent. Have just reserved a copy at my library.

    • Didion Says:

      It’s awesome. Had such a great time reading it. It’s going to make it hard to return to lighter stuff, I gotta say.

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