Brittney Griner on track to top scoring record

26 March 2013


For four years now I’ve been a old-fashioned fangirl for Brittney Griner, the basketball standout at Baylor University. And this year I have something kind of amazing to hope for: that she might beat the all-time women’s college basketball scoring record, which has been locked up for twelve years. Griner’s currently holding at #2 as Baylor makes its way through the women’s college basketball version of March madness. If Baylor keeps winning, and if Griner keeps having these amazing scoring nights, she might just beat it.

In 2001 the amazing Jackie Stiles of Southwest Missouri State finished her senior year with a grand total of 3,393 points — blowing away the previous record (Patricia Hoskins of Mississippi Valley State, who had ended her senior year with 3,122 points twelve years earlier). Stiles’ record is all the more impressive because she was a full foot shorter than Griner — at 5’8″, Stiles is the shortest of the 8 women to score over 3,000 points in their college careers.

Brittney GrinerFor Griner to beat Stiles’ record is almost impossible: she needs to score 157 more points, and at best Baylor has only 5 more games left in the tournament. That works out to, on average, about 31 points per game. Whew — 31 points per game. Criminey.

Almost impossible. Or is it?

Don’t you want to know whether she can do it? I do.

So why dontcha watch with me? Baylor is matched up tonight against #8 Florida State — 10pm EST. Let’s follow this one into history.

[By the way: a previous version of this post got the numbers wrong (hey, I wasn’t a math major) — I had thought she had only 4 more games, and hence had to score 40 points per. Correction made!]

Those of you who’ve been following my Griner obsession know that one of the things I find most fascinating is the way she up-ends typical gender expectations. Like when she won the ESPN Female Athlete of the Year award and wore that awesome suit. Or when I wrote about the crazy list of search terms people used to find stories about her on this blog.

(I still get those crazy searches, BTW — every single day. But lately I’ve been extra pleased to see that people are misspelling her last name slightly — they’ve been calling her Brittney Grinder. Which gives me no end of happiness to think that they’re also ending up at Grindr, and that they’re getting a little bit of an education in social networking. [Happy.]

Oh yeah, and this:


6 Responses to “Brittney Griner on track to top scoring record”

  1. Didion Says:

    Wed morning update: she scored 33 points in the game against Florida State — only 125 more to top Stiles’ record!

  2. Didion Says:

    Monday update: In a nail-biter last night, the amazing 3-point shooting, fiercely fighting Louisville team wound up beating Baylor by 1 point. Although I hate to see Griner’s college career stopped earlier than everyone had expected, no one can deny that Louisville won that game — I’ve never seen a game with so many jaw-dropping 3-point shots, and from so far outside the 3-point line.

    I send my best wishes to Louisville at the same time that I raise my fist to the mighty Bears for an amazing year.

  3. Sally Says:

    I was hoping you would have something to say about this.

  4. Sally Says:

    Oh yeah, and russian pooping toilet is still the most used search by people who end up on my blog. yeesh.

  5. Poppa Zao Says:

    I found this on my Yahoo page. Griner is the WNBA’s top draft pick and brought the Baylor team to unprecedented prominence.

    • Didion Says:

      I have much to say about Griner, although I fear I’ve waited long enough that everyone else has said it!

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