Watch out, Agent 326!

12 March 2013


From Fritz Lang’s Spies (Spione, 1928), the film Lang made immediately after Metropolis (1927) but before (1931), and which has some of the gee-whiz gadgets and terrific action that you might expect. But best of all is conflicted bad-spy Sonya Baranilkowa (Gerda Maurus), whose elegant, bejeweled hands we see here. Watch out, Agent 326!

And oh, that evil Russian’s clothes. Don’t even get me started.

Nota bene: don’t watch this streaming on Netflix, as you’ll only get part of the film. Look out for the 144-min. or 178-min. versions.


3 Responses to “Watch out, Agent 326!”

  1. Aldine Says:

    is that a joint in her hand?

    • Didion Says:

      🙂 the hand-rolled cigarettes are TO.DIE.FOR. in this film. At least I think they’re just regular cigarettes. Wouldn’t that make a great anti-drug campaign? “Don’t smoke weed, or you will wind up in a spy vs. spy scenario in fabulous 1920s Berlin.”

  2. Spies is one of my favorite Lang films. He just seemed to be having FUN. Thanks for bringing attention to it.

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