Three things about the Academy Awards

25 February 2013

1. Beards. So many of them! George Clooney, Jean Dujardin, Hugh Jackman, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones. I can’t remember an Oscars with so many. (Dear Friend: can it be…?)

The 85th Academy Awards - Arrivals - Los Angelesok_022413_news_oscar_affleck-main48f9d058-c0c9-4113-a2b6-3d947aeaf1a5_hugh-jackman145169-paul-rudd

2. Seth MacFarlane.

Dear Hollywood,

I know Seth MacFarlane is young, good-looking, and can sing. I know he looks like Mister Television, with that smugness and his way of pretending to let people make fun of him. US-OSCARS-SHOW

But what you get when you care more about youth, good looks, and fame is an offensive dickwad who made as many racist, homophobic, sexist, and anti-Semitic jokes as he could possible squeeze in. He gave voice to hostile white people — the exactly kinds of people who run the Academy Awards and showcased people of color and women primarily as presenters or in special categories of their own. He represents truly the ugliest, meanest aspect of American culture.

Heads out of asses, please. Next year please tell me that you’ll choose Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

3. Inocente!

I hadn’t seen this film that won Best Documentary Short (look! it’s here, so I will watch it). But the filmmakers’ acceptance speeches about the importance of art makes me a little teary-eyed even now. Also because they brought the 15-yr-old undocumented artist, Inocente Izucar, who was the center of this film up to the stage with them and insisted that she appear with them in photographs backstage.

2013 Oscars | The show

Did you know that Inocente was crowd-sourced through Kickstarter? I like the whole idea of this film.

So it was like that — the usual whiplash of the Oscars, as one’s head whips between disappointing choices and surprise triumphs. Why do I watch, again?

20 Responses to “Three things about the Academy Awards”

  1. Wow! You totally nailed Seth!!! Thank you. When used the word “bums” to refer to people experiencing homelessness we turned off the show and turned on Graham Norton to watch our Dame Helen Mirren!

  2. Didion Says:

    So apparently the #1 search that leads people to my blog in the last 24 hours has been “Seth MacFarlane hates women.” And #2 is “Seth MacFarlane feminist?”


  3. fitzg Says:

    Seth: Bland.
    Beards: quite like beards. But it must be the Thorin influence – so many on one stage in one evening. Hi, lady directors, you can’t grow credible beards??? (Any other inference deleted.)
    Oscars: how have they contributed to the artistic majesty of the world for the past ??? decades? there’s always “Amour” 😀

    P.S I rather like Thorin, too…

    • Didion Says:

      Thorin is, in fact, precisely whom I was thinking of. I suspect Ben Affleck et al have been reading Armitage fanblogs and getting inspiration!

  4. Dark Iris Says:

    This year was the first time since I can remember that I did not watch the Academy Awards. I thought that I might regret my boycott this year, since it has been such an important ritual. Now I feel happy that I missed it. Thank you, Didion!

    • Didion Says:

      Ugh. Horrible. I did like the beards, however. And a shot of Charlize Theron sending one of her icy glares of death to Seth MacFarlane.

  5. Servetus Says:

    Yeah, it was totally me, @RichardsBeard , Richard Armitage, and the influence of The Hobbit, working in fantastic synergy 🙂

    • Didion Says:

      Well I tell ya, friend, you did something amazing here — I mean, it’s one thing to get Affleck to go bearded, but Clooney and Rudd and Dujardin? This is a pretty amazing A-list!

      • Servetus Says:

        I’ll be happy to tell you my motivating secrets for a small fee 🙂

      • Didion Says:

        Oh, it’s a fee now, is it? Good lord woman, does your greed show no bounds?

      • Servetus Says:

        hey, hey. Just entrepreneurializing the academy, y’know.

      • Didion Says:

        And you know I’m just jealous. Albeit more jealous of your amazing influence than of the cash incentives, I must admit.

      • Servetus Says:

        I didn’t want the awards, but looking at pix now I wonder if it isn’t some kind of passive aggressiveness against the whole red carpet thing, a sort of male revolt against the beauty industry. I mean, I find beards beautiful, but it’s a minority taste, and a beard is a shield.

      • Didion Says:

        Oh, interesting. I don’t know whether it’s done out of fashion or protection, but I’ll tell ya what else looks like aggressiveness against the beauty industrial complex: Charlize Theron’s hair. Which is awesome. Apparently during one of the red carpet blather sessions she recommended a good shearing off of the hair as “freeing” for women:
        Charlize Theron

      • Servetus Says:

        Wonder if she’d feel that way if she didn’t have that amazing neck … there was an article in The Guardian this weekend about the frenzy of preparation for the red carpet appearance, including (I kid you not) armpit botox.

      • Didion Says:

        Ugh. The Oscars really does amount to the very worst that Hollywood can throw at us. Armpit botox?!

        I wondered what was wrong with Renee Zellweger, who might have had some kind of botox-induced facial paralysis — there seemed to be something very wrong. And yet I’m sure these actors would assure us that they simply have no choice when it comes to these treatments.

  6. Servetus Says:

    sorry: didn’t *watch* the awards.

  7. fitzg Says:

    Thorin – the trending male role model? 😀
    Beard good…
    Copy the voice???

  8. Becky Says:

    I never watch the Oscars. I don’t have the patience to watch all those human beings preening. I do not have Charlize’s neck, but I can testify that having your hair cut that short is very freeing. You are no longer chained to all that styling. Time to think about other more worthy pursuits! Beards, look good if groomed, but that’s where it ends, believe me!

  9. Didion Says:

    This doesn’t capture all the anti-Semitism, homophobia, and racism, but it’s a nice start:

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