Winter moment, with cat

21 February 2013

2013-02-22 08.28.08I am reading for class and sitting on the sofa, and the kitty moves under the blanket such that she is snuggled up between me and the cushions. It’s just cold enough that we both appreciate the extra warmth.

Every once in a while she will pop her nose out from under the blanket and show her big hazel eyes (yes, they are actually hazel). Or one of her white paws will emerge to half-play with my elbow as I take notes.

All I can think is how much I need to remember this when I hate my job. Because what other job allows me to work while having a quiet winter moment with the cat?


3 Responses to “Winter moment, with cat”

  1. Servetus Says:


  2. Aldine Says:

    where’s the photo? i want to be able to visualise ‘winter moment, with cat’

  3. Didion Says:

    @Servetus: wouldn’t I be miserable having to see sick animals?

    And Aldine: done and done. Or at least this was the closest I could get.

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