Because it’s not like football has a rape problem or anything.

9 January 2013

603324_10100712781447188_1046257414_nNot long into the BCS National Championship game between the University of Alabama and Notre Dame the camera cut to a view of the stands, where the Alabama quarterback’s girlfriend was standing with his family. Katherine Webb is a very pretty girl, obviously. She is Miss Alabama. “You quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women,” commentator Brent Musberger said. And the camera just kept lingering lasciviously.

The camera lingered on Webb long enough to creep all of us out, and Musberger took just way too much time telling viewers to go out and practice their throws (to get good-looking women like this) — all so much that audiences audibly gagged and ESPN offered an apology.

But that doesn’t stop the Post from doubling down on the creep, does it? Even as it also reports another athlete’s alleged sexual assault. And rape culture continues.


4 Responses to “Because it’s not like football has a rape problem or anything.”

  1. I saw this on the “news” and about threw up! Hard and sad to see the categorical objectification of women in the 21st Century here.

  2. Apology preceded by disclaimer is not an apology–a notion too complex for the brain-dead to understand.

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