Drowning in paper, December edition

11 December 2012


And that’s my office on a good day. Sans the clerics. Also, you’ll have to imagine a much smaller office.

The good news: when you google “drowning in paper,” you come up with an entire website called exactly that. What did we do ten years ago to express our inner states of being with images? Thank you for small gifts, internets.

Also: it has nothing to do with anything I ever discuss on this blog, but I watched We Have A Pope (2011) last night and wanted so badly to send it as a present to my Dear Friend. It’s about a cardinal who, upon being elected by his peers to the position of Pope, decides he may not be able to take the job. It’s a comedy, but actually manages to be quite subversive and touching. I can’t believe the Vatican let the filmmaker (Nanni Moretti, who also did Caro Diario and The Son’s Room) make this film, even as its criticisms are subtle.

2 Responses to “Drowning in paper, December edition”

  1. JustMeMike Says:

    That film actually played at the local art house here in Sarasota, and I intended to see it – having visited the Vatican Museum in Rome. But I didn’t see the film. May I ask how you saw it – netflix, perhaps?

    • Didion Says:

      Yup, Netflix indeed! it’s streaming now. I think I expected more of a knee-slapping comedy, but this is actually much more meaningful. A lovely film.

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