And with that, anti-feminist history repeats itself

26 November 2012

Yup. As the brilliant Jill Filipovic over at Feministe explains with a brilliant post (and headline), “Women need to stay home and serve men, says woman who makes a career out of telling other women not to have careers.”

As we’ve known since the 1790s, anti-feminism is a great choice for us career-minded ladies!

6 Responses to “And with that, anti-feminist history repeats itself”

  1. Of course, it is difficult not to think of Anne Romney, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and other hypocritical women that suffer from internalized misogyny. They remind me of the Log Cabin Republicans.

    • Didion Says:

      That’s right — they’re not the only ones who seem to be working against the very group they would appear to represent!

  2. Hattie Says:

    Oh absolutely. A woman who is willing to tell men what they want to hear will go far.

  3. Becky Says:

    Well she is Phyllis Schlafly’s niece, so she is just participating in the family business! And a hypocritical and nasty business it is, telling other people how to live their lives in ways that are none of their business.

  4. eteokretan Says:

    Thanks for pointing out Jill Filipovic’s antidote to the nausea- and headache-inducing Venker bilge. I read Venker this morning. Horrible, infuriating stuff.

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