Non-exploitative Halloween costumes; or, how to raise eyebrows

30 October 2012

I know, right? If you just DO NOT have the energy to go as Honey Boo Boo or to figure out what Hurricane Sandy would look like if a hurricane was a Halloween costume, you feel pressured to look hot for Halloween. Stupid Halloween. And lord knows there are enough sexy witches to throttle a whole future of Dorothys. What does one do if one wants to buck the system, to refuse to dress all sexy when you’d rather channel your inner child?

Answer: find a costume so weird that people don’t know what to do with it. Where to find inspiration? Old photographs!

These are, of course, the least practical, least attractive, and possibly most difficult costumes to create in the history of the universe (I mean, how is that woman in the eggshell going to hold a cocktail?) but I for one applaud the outright embrace of weirdness. That chicken-man would have me pawing all over his feathery softness. And that poor woman in her playing-card outfit … well, I want to kiss her on the lips.

See more costume oddities at this wonderful Flavorwire site. And c’mon, people — do something a little different. Last year I advocated going as a glowing, irradiated Marie Curie, a hatchet-wielding Carrie Nation, or as the goddess Athena. This year I say let it all hang loose, people. Weird is the new sexy!


5 Responses to “Non-exploitative Halloween costumes; or, how to raise eyebrows”

  1. Servetus Says:

    I would like to suggest — given that the anniversary of the burning of Michael Servetus at the stake in Geneva falls on Oct 27 — that we all go as Trinitarian heretics. I’m sure this will be a huge style hit.

  2. hattie Says:

    I think that person dressed as a playing card is great. So serious.

  3. Sally Says:

    I’m not sure why you think that gargantuan chicken is impractical or unattractive. Hm.

  4. Poppa Zao Says:

    The chicken-man costume is wonderful! He could pair up with the egg-woman.

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