Dreams of vacation

3 October 2012

Today I’ve been hit with three things simultaneously: a nasty blast of hot, humid weather, an email from a friend featuring a photograph of her hike in the Rockies, and my Dear Friend‘s latest post about where she’d go on vacation if she could. I’ve still got 2 weeks before our Fall Break, and I’m dying from the onslaught and my ongoing, frustrating exchanges with the least effective staff person in university history. Hence, I’m celebrating the middle of my week with pure fantasy. Here are three places I’d escape to right now if I could.

1. Québec City.

It doesn’t feel like the New World at all — Québec’s old town is still a walled city, still cordoned off from attack by the English. Within those walls is a beautiful old world of great restaurants and museums and creepy alleys; and beyond the walls is a vibrant city that somehow manages to be even better in the dead of winter. (How is that possible?) Meanwhile, the Musée de la Civilization might be the most innovative museum I’ve ever visited. Oh, to be in Québec in the fall when the weather is crisp, the nights are cold, and the heavy French Canadian food serves as both magic for the taste buds and, well, ballast.

2. The northern California coast.

In my fantasy, I rent a cabin with a porch and hike along the cliffs in the morning, return to read a novel for a few hours, then hike through the redwoods in the afternoon and a spot in the hot tub. I finish off every day with a dinner in Fort Bragg, where the food and drink is spectacular. And of course a DVD of something great — a Kurosawa film I’ve never seen, perhaps, or a Bollywood extravaganza. In my fantasy, I do not have email access, and I finally learn how to set up one of those auto-reply email messages to students that says, “I won’t have email for a while, so don’t even imagine you’ll get a reply.”

3.  The Grand Tetons.

Even just looking at photos of those mountains heals my soul a little. The clear air. The fast-running water. The trail ride/cowboy breakfast, which does not lose any of its appeal when one is no longer 8 yrs old. And most of all those spectacular vistas of broad meadows, tall trees, and some of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Hm. I thought perhaps writing this stuff down would be cathartic, but it appears it has only whetted my appetite for escape. That does it: I’m booking a hotel room out of town for Fall Break, something near mountains and waterfalls. Hasta luego, amigos.





3 Responses to “Dreams of vacation”

  1. servetus Says:

    Had the same problem — thought writing about my ideal day in Berlin would put it out of my thoughts, but forget it.

    Québec city —- mmm. If it just weren’t such a long trip.

    • Didion Says:

      Dammit. It’s really not helpful at all to know that there is another, better, vacation-oriented day that I might be having right now.

      Instead, I’m explaining for the third time a complicated situation and trying to get this staff person to help resolve it. Kill me now.

  2. Hattie Says:

    God I sympathize. The thing I liked best about retirement has been not having to deal with people I don’t like or to be in places I don’t like!
    Take that vac. and enjoy it!

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