Okay, I can do this.

7 September 2012

Pam Grier, 1974: “I’m a child of the Women’s Movement. I always believed that I could do anything. That women didn’t have to be limited in any way.” (Thanks, ICPWAG,TBAWLODC)

Two weeks of school under my belt; I haven’t unpacked all my boxes yet, so my office looks a bit like an episode of Hoarders, except without the ancient boxes of cereal and rodent carcasses. And there’s manic prep for lectures, and grading, and learning all the new ways universities have discovered to torture us with ineffective/ counter-intuitive technology.

Nevertheless. There’s that moment when you stop fretting about the unpacking and you watch everything going on this week — the US Open tennis, the Democratic National Convention, the serious arrival of political signs and advocates on the streets of my city, the floating up of those amazing students who display their intelligence and hard work so early in the semester. It makes you focus not on the petty, but on the prize.

Equestrian rider from the late 1880s. I found this at Racialicious; they got it from Vintage Black Glamour. Look at that expression, would you. Watch out for her riding crop.

I promise to return to watching and discussing film at any moment now; I’ve had a Beasts of the Southern Wild post brewing for weeks and weeks; just give me a moment to catch my breath. Oh, and also — I’ve got to breathe after those DNC speeches, that Michelle Obama speech, that Bill Clinton speech, that scene of Gabby Giffords leading the Pledge of Allegiance. And oh yeah, Serena takes on Sara Errani later today. Hang with me, friends, and I’ll be back with you shortly.

Because it might be crazy, but I can do this. We can do this. Oh yes we can.

7 Responses to “Okay, I can do this.”

  1. Perfect post-Convention post…and the photos! Clearly, you have the energy to carry you through challenges of the new semester. Speaking of which, who had the idea for quarter-system as locally at Portland State? Are semesters on their way out as everything speeds up? Only rhetorical questions from mid-20th century old lady.

    • Didion Says:

      Quarter system: great for students, brutal for faculty. BRUTAL. Especially that quick turnaround between winter & spring quarters. As much as I love the idea of shorter terms, I’m going to stick with semesters as long as possible.

  2. jsalowe Says:


  3. JE Says:

    And yes, Serena Williams did! And in nail-biting fashion. Whew!

    • Didion Says:

      That was a tad TOO MUCH NAIL-BITING, Ms. Williams, and I would prefer that you STOP MAKING ME PACE MY LIVING ROOM WHILE WATCHING, thank you.

  4. Hattie Says:

    It just seems we have to be busier and more on top of things all the time. I need a rest! I think I’ll go to Machu Picchu!
    Have a good semester!

    • Didion Says:

      Are you serious? Oh, Machu Picchu … how completely wonderful at this point in the fall. I can only drool with jealousy. Hattie, I lust for your life.

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