US women’s soccer team at the Olympics

28 July 2012

Great match vs. Colombia going on right now — fierce, tight play, and OH YEAH, Megan Rapinoe! — but what idiot is responsible for these uniforms?

They look like they’ve escaped from some kind of silent-era comedy centered around a group of lady prisoners on the lam. Or perhaps French mimes. Good thing this team is so crazy awesome (and that some of the time they’ll wear their alternate uniforms).

Didn’t we learn back in the 80s that big horizontal strips are permitted only sparingly in clothing?

Well, I guess I should be grateful they’re not wearing skirts. Because speaking of skirts, this seems to be an increasing trend among women runners in my neighborhood. Really? skirts?


5 Responses to “US women’s soccer team at the Olympics”

  1. servetus Says:

    Those are awful. OMG. Made in China. Probably a conspiracy by the Chinese gov’t to make us look ridiculous or something. 🙂

  2. JE Says:

    In some ways I like this uniform better than the last version. I liked the solid black of the last version, but the cut of the last one looked so uncomfortable, with the piping and those weird little sleeves. I hated the cut of the last one so much that I was relieved to see new uniforms.

    This photo sums up the problems of the last kit:


    • Didion Says:

      I sort of liked the piping — it looked as if they each had iPod cords running down their fronts. (I know I should not approve of clothing that evokes brands, but it just seemed sleek and original compared to most jerseys.) I agree, however, on the details — the cap sleeves and the high neck, which don’t look terribly comfortable.

      Funny that with all the fancy technology of athletic clothing — the fabric that wicks sweat away from the body, the super high-tech swimsuits, and on and on — the actual designs are so often terrible. Surely I could get paid big bucks to design jerseys that actually work for women athletes?

  3. Spanish Prof Says:

    Ralph Lauren did it again. Tacky Hampton’s look. For all they were talking about the American and the Spanish uniforms, did you see the Germans???

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