When Ken wore one too many ascots

16 June 2012

Good thing she’s seen all those episodes of CSI, because she’ll know how to use the bleach to proper effect.

You’d never guess I was on vacation with a photo like this, would you? Haven’t seen a film in days. Because at some point in the day the only real question seems to be, “Is it time for cocktails?”

12 Responses to “When Ken wore one too many ascots”

  1. Oh my god! I love that picture!

  2. Becky Says:

    I am indeed twisted enough to love the detail in this picture. The dog, the pot on the stove, is that Ken’s hand in that pot? We must be twisted sisters!

  3. judiang Says:

    We knew it would happen one day. Loving the detail here. And the dog looks like she’s trying to decide which choice cut she wants. 🙂

  4. Didion Says:

    Exactly! “Now it really IS my dream kitchen,” Barbie said, while the dog took it all in.

  5. JE Says:

    Just sent you a jpg of Barbie’s day at the office.

  6. Ruth Shehigian Says:

    Ken’s vapid head in the fridge, still grinning that look of idiocy, is the best part. Made my day. My daughter never wanted a ken doll, too stupid

  7. […] Didion.  She started this on her website.   I’ve been searching high and low for something truly surreal, and she gets it in one. […]

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