Smart Girls At The Party

26 May 2012

Okay, do you all know about Amy Poehler’s side project, Smart Girls At the Party? Because if you’re feeling blue, you need to watch this 6-minute video of 7¾-yr-old Ruby discussing why feminism is so important.

I feel as if I’ve discovered something useful: Amy Poehler is secretly still 10 yrs old herself, so she makes a pretty good interlocutor for 7¾-yr-olds. Also: she basically is Leslie Knope.

3 Responses to “Smart Girls At The Party”

  1. JE Says:

    Make Your Mind Crazy!

    Love it.

    • Didion Says:

      I know, right? I love the idea of a show entirely oriented around little girls describing their artwork and/or little girls explaining their bedroom’s décor. Although I also confess to wishing I had Ruby available to chat with my undergrads.

  2. phylly3 Says:

    Wow!! Great show and I love that kid!!

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