Carole Lombard pulls it off, again

11 May 2012

Lord knows how they persuaded her to put on this getup. That fez/turban; the tantalizing nakedness. But Carole Lombard always seemed to be game for trying things. She earned her earliest role in 1921 at age twelve, when a director saw her playing baseball in the street. Later on she revealed onscreen a neat, unexpected combination of traits — as David Thomson puts it, she had “a powerful attraction for men because she could be elegant and kooky, gorgeous and grounded; a lover and a pal all at the same time with the best cheekbones this side of Marlene Dietrich.”

Back to the horrors of finishing an article — wonder if it’s easier to write semi-naked, with a fez/turban on one’s head? But lord knows I don’t have the energy for the makeup. (Thanks to the Charlie Parker folks for the image.)

3 Responses to “Carole Lombard pulls it off, again”

  1. Dienna Says:

    You’ve gotta be bold to pull off a look like that, and she’s succeeded!

    • JB Says:

      I have generally found that partial nudity greatly assists in the credible employment of a large and/or unusual hat.

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