Thursday news for your vagina

22 March 2012

Well, count me surprised: of all rabid Republicans, Texas Senator (R) Kay Bailey Hutchison announces that she opposes Rick Perry’s defunding of Planned Parenthood for its destructive effects on women’s health in that state:

HUTCHISON: We cannot afford to lose the Medicaid funding for low income women to have health care services. We cannot. 

Whoa! I’m not sure I’ve ever agreed with Hutchison on anything!


In other, less enlightening news, a group of anti-abortion activists inhabited the Idaho state capitol building and underwent ultrasounds to show the rest of us how great they are. Not the trans-vaginal kind, mind you — after all, the goal is to show how much ultrasounds are “miraculous” and not “rape-y.” The anti-abortion activist interpreting these ultrasounds “pointed out heartbeats and body parts with a red laser, suggesting at times that the fetuses were waving and making kissing faces.” Question: if the whole point is to force women to have vaginal probes, why don’t the activists have such ultrasounds to show how miraculous it is?


On a lighter vaginal note, a nice line from the Kate Atkinson novel, Started Early, Took My Dog:

Tilly had always rather liked the word “vagina.” It sounded like a scholarly girl or a newfound land.


8 Responses to “Thursday news for your vagina”

  1. servetus Says:

    That is kind of surprising. Good for her.

    • Didion Says:

      I’d like to believe that her conscience finally topped her party loyalty. But I wonder if the GOP has realized that us ladies are unhappy with all this misogynistic crap, and they’re looking for a couple of voices to make Republicans look a little less so. Sort of like how Barbara Bush, and Laura Bush after her, often spoke up on behalf of the right to abortion even when their husbands were rabidly anti-abortion. “The softer side of the Dark Side,” someone put it.

  2. Get my smelling salts regarding Hutchison’s response. I fear not a big surprise regarding Idaho.

  3. Wary about Kay Hutchison shift, lightened by the vagina description, then opened next email–

    Virginia Economic Developers Association
    for honoring Delegate Kathy Byron,
    author and patron of transvaginal ultrasound bill,
    as “Legislator of the Year”

    We need a new strategy, women, for us and people of color.

    • Didion Says:

      Honestly. And tell me again, Delegate Byron, how did you find ways of developing the economy while fishing around in my uterus?

  4. Remember she’s mentioning “low income” which the cynic in me reads less black babies ..

  5. Ruth Ann Says:

    Regarding new strategy I recommend Amy Goodman’s show today (3/23) where she interviews the folks involved in making the new film, How To Survive a Plague, about the activist group, ACTUP which stands for Aids Coalition To Unleash Power. The strategy of inside/outside is applicable to women’s health and our need to take back our power by unleashing it.

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