Women’s history via Lady Gaga (it’s awesome)

19 March 2012

I was going to suggest you wander over to the tumblr Hey Girl, It’s Rachel Maddow (actually, do that anyway), but then I stumbled onto this amazing rewrite of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance that transforms the tune into a suffrage anthem/history. Favorite line: “I want to wear pants!”

This is so beautifully produced and serious that I started to think, crap, is Rick Santorum going to start campaigning against women’s right to vote now?

This awesome company that put this together: a textbook company! Which makes me take a hard look at their list for next fall’s classes.

And a serious question: how worried do I need to be about my right to the franchise?

Okay, I can’t resist: from the aforementioned tumblr:


6 Responses to “Women’s history via Lady Gaga (it’s awesome)”

  1. Wauw! Awesome indeed! Rachel makes politics hip 🙂

  2. JE Says:

    I hope that Santorum never sees that video. The message he’ll take away: “Look, they go into the voting booth in those nice modest dresses and come out dressed like sluts. Why, it’s just as bad as sending your kids to university!”

    And yes, demanding pants!

  3. Didion Says:

    Ha! Also a takeaway: ladies who want to vote are also prone to lapse into strange languages, full of words like “egalité”.

    Rick Santorum doesn’t need any more social causes, does he? But tell me you didn’t watch this video and start to fret.

    • JE Says:

      A bit of fretting, yes. Especially since he must see how all those silly lady voters don’t like his birth control stance. Be very convenient for him if they just didn’t vote, wouldn’t it?

  4. Hi Didion,
    This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing it on election day. So appropriate!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  5. […] using  a Lady Gaga song [(4)].  I first heard about this video when it appeared in a post on Didion’s Feminema blog last Spring  [(5)] on a tip from Servetus of Me+Richard Armitage [(6)] from one of her Legenda indexes of […]

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