Show me the way to your nearest chaise lounge

19 March 2012

Featured in this picture is the real Alice — the Looking Glass & Wonderland Alice — looking cranky and tired, like I am, after a lot of talking to rabbits and disappearing cats and mad queens. (And she’s brunette! oh, the tyranny of illustrators who insist on blonde little girls.)

Like Alice I’m mostly glad to be home, in this quiet place with the woods across the street and the comfortable bed and the novels lining the shelves. I’ve got 70 pages left of Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending. I have a Fresh Air interview with The Wire‘s Sonja Sohn loaded up on my iPod, with the teaser that she performs some of her slam poetry from her earliest career as an artist. I have the Bialetti, which soothes all ills.

What I don’t have: a chaise lounge.

No matter how stiff and Victorian that lounge of Alice’s appears to you, doesn’t it look like a comfort to her? One of those deep-seated, low-slung pieces of furniture designed for fainting ladies in tight corsets. I could use one (a lounge, that is, not the corset) to go with all the other accoutrements of novel/ espresso/ iPod — as well as a long nap.

It’s a weirdly warm day — due to be 70 degrees, I hear — ahh, for a long nap in the sun. And perhaps a nice stretchy session on the yoga mat to rid myself of these kinks one gets after shrinking rapidly or growing to an extraordinary height. I’ll catch you on the flip side. Maybe I will have seen a film by then. Let’s hope I will have shaken off the lag of travel and petulance.


2 Responses to “Show me the way to your nearest chaise lounge”

  1. servetus Says:

    I almost think that a chaise lounge is the one really necessary piece of furniture. Maybe a table 🙂

    • Didion Says:

      Yes indeed. In fact, historians might take note of this as a major turning point in history when coming up with periodization: BCL (before chaise lounge) and ACL.

      The fork might be another important element for the home. And the Bialetti (if you ask me).

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