Natalie Wood says, “I can’t believe I said yes to this outfit.”

1 March 2012

Doesn’t that expression on her face say it all?

It’s a snow day here in rural New England, so I’m just going to offer you this confection and head back to staring out the window. Ciao!

6 Responses to “Natalie Wood says, “I can’t believe I said yes to this outfit.””

  1. la redactora Says:

    “It’s a snow day here in rural New England”

    And finally, too. It has been such a bare, warm winter this year.

    That outfit is godawful. Though perhaps not for a space cowgirl? No, even for a space cowgirl. And honestly, what is she standing on? Why is the sky at her ankles? These are significant questions! ;-).

  2. Didion Says:

    It’s about time we had a decent snow! I’ve been so disappointed till today — and such a nice day for gazing out the window, watching it fall.

    I’ve decided that Natalie might have foregone the cowboy boots in favor of some nice big-wheel 1970s roller skates, and she could’ve been Queen of the Skate-O-Rama. Just imagine a little Bee Gees music, and there you are!

    • la redactora Says:

      Perfect! Pre-disco, I can buy that.

      Here it is not falling so much as blowing sideways.

      My weather forecast says that it will be rainy forties again by Saturday. And here I was all ready to pull out the snowshoes.

  3. Hattie Says:

    Truly, that outfit did not do her justice ! We are about the same age. She grew up in the Hunter’s Point district in SF in a Russian immigrant community. These were fascinating people. I knew some of them. They had great parties.
    There was such a push in those days among striving lower middle class families to get pretty, talented girls to Hollywood and into the movies. Natalie Wood was a rare one who made it. I knew a couple who didn’t, the usual fate. They went south and were never heard from again.
    So much to say about all this. Maybe I should write a book.

    • Didion Says:

      Oh, man. A title like I Wasn’t Discovered in Hollywood. I imagine you could do years’ worth of oral history interviews among women of all ages.

  4. tam Says:

    Oh I envy you your snowfall gazing….our snow falls mostly in the night while we’re sleeping. It can be lovely waking up to a bright white vista, but there’s not much that beats dreamily gazing out the window while snow gently flutters down. Bliss for the soul.

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