Versatile blogger award!

4 January 2012

Many thanks to the elegant SpanishProf for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger award!

Conditions of the award:

  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
  2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  5. Post the award badge.

My nominations for fantastic versatile bloggers:

  1. Angry Black Bitch. Does any blogger out there have a better blogger voice than Shark-Fu? Not when she’s talking about politics, feminism, and crazy sex scandals, which she’s been doing since 2005. Holy crap — who can do this that long? Only a genius with stamina, baby. See her take on Herman Cain’s scandal here.
  2. Comradde PhysioProffe, who holds forth on sports, food, and politics, and very occasionally academia. I drool over his illustrated recipes. And for all of it he uses the motherfucken best, creatively-spelled curse words. Want the best shitte ever? His recipe for chicken chile verde tamales here.
  3. The Delphiad, where Dominique Millette offers up on-target, biting and funny commentary on life, politics, feminism, and all the good things that keep blood running through our veins. She puts up with no shit, except when she just pretends to put up with it, like in her take on lingerie football.
  4. The Fantom Country. JB there writes about movies in a way that’s above & beyond the typical; his reviews always seem to expand outward in a way that sings to me. See for example his assessment of the movies of 2011.
  5. From a Left Wing, where Jennifer Doyle talks about sports, feminism, and the sexual politics that are inevitable when we talk about sports (and yet seem so absent from most sports pages). Here’s a great piece on women’s soccer in the 1920s (who knew?) that’ll give you a taste of this terrific topic.
  6. Historiann. Most of the time she offers up a feminist take on history and academia, and sometimes talks about great music from my era (80s, 90s), and always displays a delightful good nature and those great 1940s pinup cowgirls. If you’re an academic, this is a must-see. See here for the horrors of “smokers” at annual meetings.
  7. I Blame the Patriarchy. Surely we all read Twisty Faster’s blog while we clean our feminist weapons in the evening, drink a marg, and brush up on our blamer mouth muscles. I just wish I could come play with her animals. Read “My unique style self-expresses who I personally am” and get a taste of what you could be enjoying with more feminism, too.
  8. LadyElocutionist, where Sara writes about feminism & popular culture, a woman after my own heart. Her takes are always smart and perceptive — see for example her bit on Bridesmaids.
  9. The Lotus Notebooks, where Natasha Rosen discusses living in Turkey, teaching, becoming a mother, and the vignettes of life and memory. Beautiful. Her least serious — and most elegant — posts are stylish images from the 20th-c. past, “Elegantly Dressed Wednesday.”
  10. Lycanthropia, who writes so eloquently she takes my breath away; often about the trials and tribulations about life in grad school. What I’ve read 15 times: her poem, Operation Soul Retrieval.
  11. MeAndRichard. Now, you may say to yourself, how can an effusive fan blog about Richard Armitage be versatile? Well, friends, you have never read Servetus discuss an actor’s craft and persona. She throws everything into the effort — take, for example, her discussion of Armitage’s interviews, in which she mobilizes the whole critical arsenal from post-structuralist views of authenticity to pragmatic reasoning. Brilliant, silly, and often educational — just like the author.
  12. Mirror, the breathtakingly great film blog by Kartina Richardson, whose unexpected takes on the movies always delight me. She’s smart as shit and talks about things I wish I’d noticed. See for example her take on A Dangerous Method in which she talks about how Keira Knightley (unexpectedly) evokes race and the scent of a woman’s actual vagina, which is so clever a take on that early era of psychiatry that I wish the film would @#$%ing show up in my city already. (Richardson also has a nifty companion site showing how much she enjoys beverages. Wish I’d thought of that.)
  13. The Ms. Education of Shelby Knox. The center of the amazing documentary The Education of Shelby Knox — about the growing political/feminist consciousness of a high school girl — is in her 20s now and kicking some serious ass as a professional feminist. She’s a brilliant writer and is compiling a “radical women’s history project” to compile information about the feminist past that isn’t just about the white ladies.
  14. SisterArts, a blog about gardens, history, and poetry, and sometimes just about beauty. Lisa Moore shows that it’s possible to be an academic — a literature professor, in her case — and also just love her chosen subject of analysis. Look at these gorgeous images from Stourhead, for example.
  15. The Solipsistic Me, where Michael Hulshof-Schmidt shows absolutely no hesitation in calling out good and bad behavior during these dark days of incredibly bad public behavior. As a good progressive feminist pro-gay type, I read it every day. I especially liked his Bigot of the Year and Hero of the Year awards.

And seven random things about me:

  1. My favorite film of all time: The Third Man (1949), Carol Reed’s amazing, cynical postwar film that shifts all the ground under your feet during the course of watching it. Orson Welles has never been better; Alida Valli virtually never smiles, yet she glows; and the zither music! This is why I watch film so utterly and absolutely.
  2. The music that rocked my world (and still does): The Pretenders (1980). The drive, the sexually explicit lyrics, the stance … it’s still the album I turn to for long drives. For a long time, “Mystery Achievement” was the song that ramped me up for tennis matches.
  3. My favorite place: Fort Bragg, California. In case I ever make enough money for an expensive vacation/retirement locale. A place for those people like me who can’t choose between mountains and ocean. Nuff said:
  4. Some people I would invite to a dream dinner party if I could: Helen Mirren, Dorothy Parker, Bill Clinton, Rachel Maddow, Steve Earle, and all the bloggers abovementioned. (Yes, I know Parker is no longer with us. It’s a dream dinner party, dammit.)
  5. What we should all be fighting for in 2012: women’s reproductive rights. Yes, abortion. I have a lot more to say about this — including why I think progressives have let it slip — and will hold forth shortly on the topic here.
  6. A random list of things I would eat every single day if I could: roasted brussels sprouts, sushi, kaddo bourani, guacamole, steamed BBQ pork buns, paté, garlic bread, and my sister’s roasted red pepper/walnut/smack spread. In my utopian universe, everything will come in a dumpling/ravioli/empanada/pierogi/cannoli/blintz/crèpe format.
  7. My favorite expression: “When I run the world…”, which seems to come up a lot more frequently these days, especially when I serve on university committees. And yet I have no desire to actually run universities (like being a dean or department chair or whatever). Which leads to my motto, which needs to be put on a bronze plaque: Refusing to Drink the Kool-Aid Since April 2005.

18 Responses to “Versatile blogger award!”

  1. Shark-Fu Says:

    Thank you so much for the fantabulous nomination!

  2. JB Says:

    Wow, Didion, thanks for the nomination and the kind words left in my Country’s hidden crevasses. Thanks too for making me aware of Feminéma: I’ve been doing a quick scouting of your site and am intrigued and eager to dig in more deeply. And thanks, yet again, for directing my attention to the other sites you’ve nominated. (Tamales! Vaginal scent!)

    I only have one problem: I’ve been nominated for one of these things before and never managed to follow through for the simple reason that I couldn’t come up with even a fraction of the number of fresh nominations required. I feel sort of half-guilty about this, but the truth is that I just don’t read that much blog. I’m not against the form (obviously), but I’m a bit of a print junkie. You’ve now made me aware of a number of other blogs I may very well become addicted to, but, obviously, they’re already nominated. JB’s not sure what to do!

    …Other than read your blog, and more blog.

    • Didion Says:

      I admit, I kind of like exercises like this in that other people’s blog lists make me aware of things I didn’t know about previously. And in your case, it makes me aware of the fact that brilliant bloggers are not necessarily combing the internet at all times. I like the idea that the Fantom Country is a quiet, non-hyperactive, easily distracted place. So I’m delighted that I’ve had the chance to compliment you — full stop.

      • JB Says:

        Thank you for your delight, Didion, and just for the record: a) I make a killer guacamole and b) I’d love to attend your dinner party so long as I get dibs on the chair beside Helen Mirren.

        Your non-hyperactive fantom…

      • Didion Says:

        I suspect you’re going to have a battle on your hands for that seat. And I’m not just talking about Bill Clinton. If you’ve read even the smallest sample of some of these bloggers’ work you probably get a sense of how hard they’ll fight you off.

        But perhaps if we make the seat contingent on good guacamole….

      • JB Says:

        That’s just it. You haven’t tried my guacamole yet…

        And I can kick Clinton’s ass.

        (Saw him jogging once in Chappaqua. He don’t look so tough.)

        Culinarily yours,

      • Didion Says:

        Dammit, now I really just want some guacamole. And in my part of unsexy New England, this is no easy task.

      • I’m sorry I have to throw down here, but my guacamole is stellar!! You will just have to come and visit and try it. As for our Dame Helen Mirren: all I can say is: “I’m in love.”

      • Didion Says:

        See, JB? Count yourself as warned. Ordinarily I’d play the mediator and say, “there’s a seat on each side of Sir Helen,” but there’s no telling how aggressive these other bloggers will be — nor how good their guacamole might be.

      • Do you really think this middle aged leftist gay man has a chance with our Helen? My husband will be worried if I really do have a chance.

      • Didion Says:

        So…are you saying the rest of us don’t have a chance with our Helen, either? Oh Michael, you’re really messing with my head now. Next you’ll be saying I don’t have a chance with Tilda Swinton, either.

  3. Thank you for the nomination. I’m quite honored! Thank you also for sharing with us all some really fantastic blogs.

    Your fan,

  4. JB Says:

    Is New England really unsexy? There are so many novels set there where people have lots of sex. Though maybe it’s bad sex.

    In any case, I’m glad that guacamole seems to be considered sexy food. Avocados are, after all, very good for your skin.

    • Didion Says:

      Quite a lot of New England is very sexy indeed. But then there are the post-industrial, depressed, Ron Paul-loving parts where the best food you’re going to find in town is at the Belchertown House of Pizza. (Nothing wrong with Belchertown! but even my friends there can admit that the town’s name has not aged well beyond the 18th century, when the Belcher family was beyond reproach.)

      Now, sexiness is what you make of a place, to be sure. You’ll get no disagreement from me. But there are times when you wish the Belchertown House of Pizza also served guacamole and tacos al pastor and maybe a nice chile relleno. And oh, for a kaddo bourani and sushi I didn’t have to make myself.

      • Jb Says:

        Dear you,
        I promise that if I am ever in this peculiar place where you live I am taking you to the belchertown house of pizza. We will order the belchertown special.
        But seriously, belchertown? Is that for real?
        Geographically beguiled,

      • Didion Says:

        Perhaps this is my opportunity to confess my abiding love of regional town names. Ralph, Arkansas. Nada, Texas (Nada!). Copperopolis, California. There’s nothing that expresses the nubbly weirdness of the US more than the map. There are not nearly enough movies that capture what those towns are actually like. Such places are usually not culinary destinations, but at least in Nada you can get a nice plate of tacos al pastor.

  5. servetus Says:

    Thanks for the award and the new reading tips! Not sure how I’ll respond yet. Guacamole substandard in new regional location.

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