Busiest day ever, thanks to La Jefita

19 December 2011

A record number of people came to this blog yesterday. Was it to find my review of La Princesse de Montpensier? To enjoy my appreciation for women with real noses? With the hope that I might have some kind of silly seasonal comments on holiday shoppers (of whom I am very afraid)?

Nope! It was to read my post from last March on Baylor basketball goddess Brittney Grinerand most of them found Feminéma using a variant of the search, is Brittney Griner a man? Glad to have set y’all straight, so to speak!

And why yesterday? Because Griner handed some UConn ass right back to those previously undefeated No. 2s. She had 25 points, 9 rebounds and 9 blocks in a game that saw Baylor overcoming being down by 11 points during the last 13 minutes of the game.

UConn: “Please, ma’am, would you like to hit us some more?”

Now, Griner has amazing games all the time, and posts some phenomenal stats on a regular basis, but you don’t often see a stunning game like this against the No. 2 team in the country, one of the most winningest teams in women’s basketball history. It was Griner’s game, and it was a thing of beauty.

Thus, I pronounce Griner to be La Jefita — the Boss of Baylor Basketball, who’s still only a junior!

Isn’t it interesting that so many would watch this amazing woman and think to themselves, “This woman is blowing so many of my brain cells with her superiority and goddessness that I must do a web search in which I ask, is she secretly a man?”

Whatever. Let’s watch this nifty Baylor video of her from way back in her freshman year. Maybe you’ll start thinking about forming a local goddess cult around her. The Baylor Bears will be back on TV for your viewing pleasure for their Jan. 15 game against the University of Texas (sorry, Longhorns, you haven’t got a chance).

Meanwhile, I’m having fantasies about what I’d be eating if I’d been in Waco for last night’s game: tamales. Oh, December in Texas is a very good time indeed.

3 Responses to “Busiest day ever, thanks to La Jefita”

  1. JSA Lowe Says:

    Way late to this party (though as a bearer of a fabulous nose I did enjoy your tribute to Babs et alia)—but just wanted to say that I used to lead class discussions on Caster Semenya when I taught a course on critical theory, just to bring up allll the questions. And it does so really quickly. Fun to get students engaged and arguing so quickly, everyone with an opinion, and then try to unpack WHY they have these so-clearly-formed beliefs about sex/gender/race. The devil in me loves to do it. Anyway—I just handed in grades today, looking forward to catching up on some Feminéma!

    • Didion Says:

      Congrats on completing the grades! Now that calls for a very nice cocktail, or four or five of them.

      I’m going to cover this more next time I teach a related class too — anything to get the students arguing with each other. I brought up Caster Semenya one time and students had heard all manner of rumors about her. I didn’t know what was true and what was false, so next time I’m doing my homework first — it was a little embarrassing to have so much misinformation swirling around the room, and my attempts to get the students to step back and think about what makes someone “female,” much less “feminine” just went awry.

  2. Didion Says:

    One more note on the Internet-wide love of Brittney Griner: I’m happy to report that in addition to the thousands of people who’ve read my post and considered my contention that Griner exemplifies Jack Halberstam’s ideas about female masculinities, the most popular link on my site (besides some shit-hot pics of Griner) is the link to the Google Books version of Halberstam’s book.

    And so I say to all these fans (and to Halberstam, if you’re reading): you’re welcome!

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