21 October 2011

Today this blog hit 100,000 views — and although I don’t tend to be the type who celebrates big round numbers (turning 40 was, like, whatever), I’m kind of stunned that an obscure blog about movies, feminism, and pop culture would get so many views. Thank you, all of you who’re checking in, and who post comments and make me think harder all the time about what I observe.

Most of all, as I’ve been telling my sister lately, this blog has been amazing for me as I learn how to write in a non-academic voice and enjoy the process of writing beyond very small niche circles. I can guarantee that more people have paused on this URL than have read my book or any one of my articles. Sure, I don’t have a bestseller blog — but I never set out to be popular, and because I’m a busy person I don’t have time to engage in the blog promotion that would get me more regular readers. Yet more people read it every single month — and I’m so, so pleased, and humbled.

10 Responses to “100,000 views”

  1. servetus Says:

    Couldn’t happen to a better blogger! Congratulations!

    • Didion Says:

      Danke, friend! (And stay tuned for me to get my post up about North and South: I’ve been working on this for a while. Not that I’ll get the kind of daily viewership you get!)

      • JustMeMike Says:

        Congrats Didion – 6 digits in your page hits – I’m impressed. From Field of Dreams:
        If you build it, they will come…

        Keep up the great work.


      • Didion Says:

        Thanks, JMM — one of my best blogger friends/compadres. This is what blogging can do for you: help you find like-minded folk out there.

  2. babydyke13 Says:

    Congratulations! You’ve earned the views!!!

  3. Congratulations! This is a huge blogging milestone.

    And, besides, many people surely read your blog in their Google Readers (like I do) and only click on the blog itself to leave a celebratory comment.

    Happy blogiversary!

    • Didion Says:

      Thanks, Clarissa — especially because it’s hard not to compare my numbers to amazing blogs like yours. I mightily appreciate it!

  4. tam Says:

    Terima Kaseh to you too! I have certainly enjoyed your wide ranging and often surprising pieces. Quirky too, which I love.And before you know it, it’ll be another 100,000…

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