Confused? Explanations offered here. Plus a question.

18 September 2011

I knew there was a way to understand the Kardashian phenomenon in terms of political economy. This does the best job conceivable.

I’ve mentioned before that Jessica Hagy’s site, Indexed, is a go-to blog for explanations of all kinds, neatly summarized on index cards. (In fact, every time I visit the site I make up my mind to buy a lifetime supply of index cards before they’re lost like many other 20th-century technologies.) Like Unhappy Hipsters, Letterheady, and Unexplained Cinema, it’s guaranteed to distract me for an utterly satisfying 5 minutes — longer when I am undisciplined — while my brain re-boots for other tasks.

And speaking of unhappy hipsters, why doesn’t Facebook have an emoticon that looks like this?

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