Serena Williams = Wonder Woman

11 September 2011

The Wonder Woman franchise has struggled, which makes no sense. They were supposed to re-boot it this fall with Adrianne Palicki (who played Tyra in Friday Night Lights), but the episodes couldn’t make it past the test audiences. Let me humbly suggest that you need to stop looking at skinny white chicks and cast Serena Williams in the role. (Why, isn’t she sort of auditioning already in her great US Open dresses, switching to the blue one for the semifinal rout against Caroline Wozniacki?) I, for one, would love to see Serena ‘fro her hair out a bit, exchange the sweatband for the crown, and kick the shit outta some red boots. But only if she could still keep to her tennis schedule.

5 Responses to “Serena Williams = Wonder Woman”

  1. tam Says:

    Today on court, Serena had a tantrum and showed her spoilt, entitled bratty side. Perhaps a tamer version of John McEnroe back in the day.

    Granted she was under tremendous pressure.

    She was gracious with Sam Stosur though, at the end after she lost.

    • Didion Says:

      Yeah, she can be horrible. Yesterday was magic; today was nightmare. I maintain my position that no matter what her occasional on-court theatrics, she should play Wonder Woman onscreen.

      I have to say that I’m thrilled Stosur won — she’s an athlete I’ve always loved and rooted for. And she’s almost as hot as my fave female footballer, Abby Wambach.

  2. Spanish Prof Says:

    Or this:

    Have you seen this photo? I think I love her more than I already do after seeing this photo.

  3. […] it mean for girls now to have female athletes as wide-ranging as the fiercely muscled tennis genius Serena Williams, the highly masculine-looking/ gender-bending Griner, the openly gay soccer player Abby Wambach? I […]

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