Stop everything and study this site.

8 August 2011

Ever wonder where T. Bone Burnett goes when he’s constructing a movie soundtrack? I don’t know either, but I think he must know about The Exotica Project, and that Bat’ya’s “Main Theme of Exodus” must have inspired him. Because we must all stop what we are doing, pause, and listen to several hours’ worth of magical 45s from an era I didn’t know existed. This goes with my other favorite album of the past few years: The Very Best of Ethiopiques (thanks for that one, FC!).

For those of you who’ve forgotten, Burnett is the genius and “musical archivist” behind soundtracks for The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and the guy who rediscovered Kenny Rogers’ “I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” — the song behind the best dream sequence in filmic history:

Men: want to find a fine lady friend? Memorize the Dude’s dance number here! Really!

Argh — I’ve gotten distracted by the T. Bone business. Go to The Exotica Project and have a different kind of fun.

3 Responses to “Stop everything and study this site.”

  1. Dan Says:

    Hey there — thanks for mentioning the Exotica Project. That Bat’ya track is an awesomely overt imitation of South American singer Yma Sumac, whose “Ataypura” would show up in The Big Lebowski.

    Enjoying your site. Right away the post about the Experience Music Project caught my eye. Totally hear you on the sausage fest angle, though my own issue (which isn’t anything new) with the EMP (and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame) is, first, the terrible awkwardness of rock ‘n’ roll in the museum setting and, second, the relay of the standard narrative; little is done to get beyond the hallowed dinosaurs and explore lesser-known or underappreciated (but influential!) artists, movements, etc.

    • Didion Says:

      Dan, I listened to you on Marfa Public Radio last night, too — MPR has been a huge favorite ever since discovering it accidentally while heading through Valentine into Marfa on a drive back to Austin from LA. And I’ve just been recommending Lost Frequencies to my sister & brother-in-law who are huge fans of vintage music, owning an enormous collection of 78s. (To everyone besides Dan: Monday nights from 9-midnight streaming!)

      Too right about the hallowed dinosaur problem at the EMP. I’ve never been to another rock & roll museum, but surely there’s a more exciting way of telling this history?

  2. Dan Says:

    Wow, Didion – I’m honored. And amazed.

    Marfa Public Radio is an unusual station. S’pose the same could be said of much of Marfa.

    Thanks again.

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