Anticipating “Tabloid” (2011)

15 July 2011

I’m off to see the new Errol Morris documentary Tabloid tonight, and — as if I needed more anticipation to see a film by a master of the art — Jim Emerson’s Scanners blog has a fascinating teaser about it today. As you may remember from some of Morris’s earlier films (The Thin Blue Line, Mr. Death, The Fog of War) he’s a wizard at analyzing morally ambiguous, opaque characters. Imagine my enthusiasm when I learned that this time he’s taking on a woman for a change: Joyce McKinney. She was the sex kitten at the center of a bizarre tabloid tale in 1977 of a Mormon man kidnapped and subjected to three days of kinky sex in an English cottage. McKinney claimed she did it all for love.

Now — as Emerson’s blog tells us — it seems McKinney has been showing up at Morris’s premieres around the country to protest the film’s portrayal of her. Sort of. Emerson raises the question of how a woman of very modest means pays for the appearances (what is he suggesting?). Fascinating! I can hardly wait — and I’ll report if she appears at my theater to cause a stir.

3 Responses to “Anticipating “Tabloid” (2011)”

  1. truthteller Says:

    NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE: Remove immediately the phony “nude” picture of Joyce McKinney or you will be sued! Also remove the picture of Joyce in a college musical “The Apple Tree” wherein she played the lead role Eve. Her Eve photos were stolen by a dog walker and a drug addict working to break into her home in 1978. Other Eve pictures were stolen from her suitcase in 2009 by Errol Morris’ producer Mark Lipson and his cronies. You have used these to slander and degrade her and she intends to sue you if they are not removed. Errol Morris is being sued for fifty miilion dollars and the slimey prodcuer who robbed her suitcase while Morris was interviewing her for a non existent TV series for Showtime, will soon be arrested for Grand Theft and Fraud.
    She is also consdering a slander action as well as aMisappropriation of Picture and Likeness Action against YOU!
    You are truly disgusting in the way you malicuosly verbally abuse her and degrade her!

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