My mother’s garden

10 July 2011

Inspired by the Sister Arts blog, which recently had a post about the blogger’s mother’s garden. The contrast between what one has to do in Texas to get things to grow and the lushness of other climates is not lost on me, as you can see. Oh, that sparkling sunlight.

And a composition of lettuces fronted by nasturtium:

Vegetables waiting to explode after experiencing a bit more midsummer heat:

And astilbe in all phases of blooming, nicely contrasted with a very big rock:

Some paint with oils or words or photographs — and some paint with dirt and seeds and rocks, and then use those plants to make dinner.

5 Responses to “My mother’s garden”

  1. Servetus Says:

    This is a gorgeous garden — much more picturesque than ours 🙂

    • Didion Says:

      There’s nothing like a garden to make you marvel at how many hours it took to make them so beautiful. And there’s nothing like eating a strawberry that tastes like an actual strawberry.

      • Servetus Says:

        Oh, the strawberry 🙂 Drove past the farm where my mother grew up yesterday — across the street are huge fields of them, you can smell them in the air.

  2. JE Says:

    Yay for gardens and vegetables that taste like vegetables!

    Just read an NPR story about supermarket tomatoes. In Florida they grow tomatoes in sand. Nothing but sand. Well, sand, plus lots of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers.

  3. […] going to see tomorrow, and who’s promised yet another couple of days of relaxation in her beautiful garden. And I’m going to remind her how lucky she is to have a daughter who had a messy room for all […]

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