Jill Greenberg’s glass ceiling

28 June 2011

I love her photographs — her site is called The Manipulator, for she was one of the first photographers to use exaggerated, almost cinematic digital manipulation to doctor her images. There’s no mistaking a Greenberg cover of a magazine (remember that awesome, funny, disturbing series of crying babies she called “End Times”?). I met her once — she’s scary brilliant, just like women ought to be more often.

About her series Glass Ceiling (see more here), she explains that as a college student,

…it was my assertion that this project of femininity is a (self-created) distraction from getting to business and living and enjoying one’s life as a woman. I knew this to be true as a 21 year old but I have lived it now. I chose not to obsess about my imperfect bodily state and do my work, but whether I like it or not the physical reality of being a woman still informs everything I do.

Hence she created these images that show the water knocking women into awkward positions, while the women absurdly wear heels to make themselves look sexy even though the shoes and, for that matter, the bathing suits hinder their project.

We will fail at this project of being female. Look and see thyself, my friends.

One Response to “Jill Greenberg’s glass ceiling”

  1. servetus Says:

    This has kind of hit home more the last five days or so, all the wrong ways that there are to be feminine and how few right ways there are.

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