Things to miss about Texas

7 June 2011

Actually, right now there’s only one thing on the list: The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. And it’s not just because they serve food and beer during the movies. It’s because they have such a strict no talking AND no texting policy. The theater has even been known to apologize in cases where a loud talker was not ejected from a theater. Before every film they screen a NO TALKING public service announcement, like this classic featuring the badass TX politician Ann Richards (with that badass head of hair):

Well, the latest NO TALKING p.s.a. is terrific too — and it’s so striking that it’s now featured on the Guardian‘s news website, of all places.

Okay, perhaps I tend toward the fascistic when it comes to no talking in theaters. But lemme tell ya, it’s so great to watch a movie without being distracted by the glow of little screens all over the room…much less the sound of some jackass chatting about what s/he’s watching.


4 Responses to “Things to miss about Texas”

  1. servetus Says:

    Although they are still not showing anything you really want to see. After experiences today thinking of going one last time tonight.

  2. Didion Says:

    So much has happened since I posted this! First, they made a t-shirt:

    Anderson Cooper announces that the CEO of the Alamo should win the Nobel Peace Prize:

    And the BadAssDigest compiled all the previous DON’T TALK p.s.a.s in one place for easy viewing (I don’t see the Itchy & Scratchy one here, no it’s not complete yet, ahem!):

  3. Z Says:

    I will have to go to this theatre. N.O. not being what it was and the Gulf being full of Corexit, I have taken to going to Houston/Austin when I can.

    I’d be curious to know what you think of _Tree of Life_ and whether you’ve gotten to see _Memory of LIght_ yet which I have not.

    • Didion Says:

      Haven’t seen it yet — I’m sorry to say that it’s taken FOREVER to make it to a theater close by. Maybe this weekend. And I don’t know about Memory of Light — will hunt it down immediately, as it sounds magnificent.

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