Welcome to our hotel room.

26 May 2011

There’s a reason they needed to invent the word louche — to express something that is deliciously sordid, appealingly disreputable — and that reason is surely the city of New Orleans. To celebrate my own imminent arrival in that burg, I plan to wear nothing but negligées and tousled hair, à la Ellen Barkin in Down By Law (1986), while my partner will mimic Tom Waits’  froggy voice (frankly, that probably woulda happened no matter which city we visited). We hope to avoid the other things that befell the characters: jail, getaway through the swamps, crazy Italians, etc.

We’ll just be there watchin’ the light change, to quote one great line.


7 Responses to “Welcome to our hotel room.”

  1. Hattie Says:

    Have a blast!

  2. servetus Says:

    Drive safe.

  3. Z Says:

    So what did you think of the current state of things in the Crescent City???

    • Didion Says:

      I was surprised to see how much remnants of the storm remain even close to the French Quarter. One finds homes quite close still boarded up, still spray painted with FEMA’s code for determining whether they’ve been checked for bodies. I was shocked to see how tiny the city is.

      But oh, the music. The food. The homes. I spent the whole time talking about trying to live there. In the end I don’t think I could do it — between the perpetual heat (after all, I just got myself outta Texas) and the way the federal govt has screwed up the city, I think I could probably only make it for a few months. But what a semester that might be.

      • Z Says:

        Yes, a research semester would be great. The heat can seriously be handled, a lot more easily than up here in Maringouin, because of the architecture. I know, I lived in N.O. 7 years before the storm blew me up here.

        Politics are so messed up in N.O. now that permanent living — insurance, natural gas, etc. — is incredibly expensive and services are bad. I also have trouble with the way it’s been so colonized and whitened up.

        I haven’t been up toward the lake in a while, and should go look at it. After the storm the whole place looked worse than Managua or San Salvador, it was really amazing. And yeah, it was always a small town but it has shrunk and this too makes me sad.

      • Didion Says:

        I just started watching David Simon’s Treme and it seems to capture so well all the things that have gone wrong with NO and have never improved.

  4. Z Says:

    I haven’t watched it, don’t have good movie setup at home and so am lazy about watching, really need to.

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