A moment from “Ratcatcher” (1999)

24 May 2011

She’s sticking her tongue out here, but half a second later she’ll be giggling affectionately like she always does. Of all of them, his little sister has probably adjusted best — she doesn’t mind the frequent checking for lice in their hair, and she’s too young to be harassed by those older boys, the ones who threw Margaret-Anne’s glasses in the canal. It’s Glasgow, it’s 1973, and the garbage strike is on, so bags of garbage and rats are everywhere in the council estate. How much longer will Anne-Marie (Lynne Ramsay Jr.) possess that innocence, before she becomes as haunted as her brother James?

A beautiful, sad, brilliant film by Lynne Ramsay — her first full-length feature, and winner of 11 prizes. I was inspired to watch it after reading ecstatic reviews of Ramsay’s latest, We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011), which just screened at Cannes. Can hardly wait.


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