Ode while packing

23 May 2011

“Now What” by U. A. Fanthorpe, from Queueing for the Sun (2003)

I hereby release you from time;
From the tyranny of small comfortless rooms;
From crammed distressful lunch-breaks;
From coffee in paper cups. I divorce you
From the you that other people
Have decided you are; I restore to you
Sunday evenings. I have said
There shall be no more agendas;
No more reading of uncongenial papers
About quality control, accreditation, audit;
No more explaining the worth of unparalleled texts
To unimpressed note-takers. No more endless
Phone calls after midnight about
Abstracts, references, funding. No more
Paranoid colleagues, no more
Torpid secretaries. Finally
I invest you with the month of September,
Which you were last able to attend to
At the age of four. Hereby I give you
All this, said the magician. Freedom, it’s called.

I thought you’d be pleased?


One Response to “Ode while packing”

  1. JustMeMike Says:

    Yee ha!~ welcome to world of freedom from schedules.
    Open spaces on the interstate highway beckons – fair warning, watch out for those Massachusetts drivers.


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