I couldn’t sleep: notes on cynicism

28 April 2011

3:30 a.m. last night: I am wide awake. It’s not stress about work, my students, or my relationships. It’s this perfect storm of news, topped off with the news about the tornadoes across the South — 281 dead as of the latest count. I’m utterly beaten down by the scale of human suffering and the constant news indicating that Republican leaders are seeking fresh new human ways to hurt the poor, women, minorities, and the aging. 

There’s more, of course — I haven’t even begun on the subject of what states are doing to decimate education. My real question is, why can’t I be moved to say something as eloquent and moving as this video comment by Baratunde Thurston, rather than want to curl up in a ball?

I feel hopeless. And helpless to do anything about it. It’s not good that the imminent end of the semester seems like the happiest news on my horizon.


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