Female character flow chart

1 February 2011

In case any of you remain unconvinced by my feminist argument that female characters are ridiculously limited onscreen, this should convince you. I love it because as you scan it, you start to realize how many characters simply get sidetracked into stereotype before being allowed to turn three-dimensional. Clicking on the image will take you directly to OverthinkingIt.com, where Shana Mlawski and Carlos A. Hann Commander put it originally — and will allow you to read it more closely and let it blow your mind. It’s not just about Manic Pixie Dream Girls; it’s also the Wet Blanket, Biological Time Bomb, Cutesy Badass, Adorable Klutz…oh my god, Mlawski and Commander should team up with the TvTropes.org people.

3 Responses to “Female character flow chart”

  1. feministcupcake Says:

    I am totally reposting this on my blog. http://www.feministcupcake.com and I will definately give you a shoutout. Thanks for the cool link 🙂

  2. aroomofheroine Says:

    Perhaps someone should send this to Kanye West. His latest music video clip, Monster, presents a highly provocative and disturbing critique of women.

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